Fitness or Nutrition

June 2, 2018
Fitness or Nutrition


June 2, 2018

May and Jen getting after some partner rowing. Now that was fun. May leaves next week for a new job in Vancouver. We are sure going to miss her positivity. Please wish her well.
May and Jen getting after some partner rowing. Now that was fun. May leaves next week for a new job in Vancouver. We are sure going to miss her positivity. Please wish her well.

Over the last 10 years, as an athlete, a coach, and a gym owner, I have watched literally hundreds of people make major changes to their health and fitness. I have seen a few dozen RADICALLY change their lives to the point where the old versions of themselves are unrecognizable. I believe that the courage and consistency required to make these changes is born from the shared struggle, community support, and sense of accomplishment that are a part of what we do in the gym every day. And not everyone is looking to make massive change in their lives. Many of us incorporate exercise into our daily regimen because it keeps us healthy mentally and physically.

  • High intensity exercise has been proven to improve cardiovascular health,
  • Resistance training (strength training) improves bone density and body composition particularly as we age,
  • Body weight work (squats, burpees, pushups, etc) allow us to maintain range of of motion, independence and quality of life especially as we age,
  • The habit of regular exercise and the connection with a positive peer group do amazing things for managing stress and overall happiness.  

But depending on your goals, working out at the gym may not get you all the way there. If you've been around very long, you have probably heard us say that health and fitness have more to do with what happens in the kitchen than what happens in the gym. Personally, I like the concept of atoning for my nutritional sins with pull ups and deadlifts. The reality is however, that it just doesn't work that way. You cannot outwork poor nutrition, especially as we age.  Nutrition and fitness go hand in hand.

Nutrition support to move the needle. 

During our goal setting sessions over the past few months, an overwhelming number of you said that you could use some help on the nutrition front.  As a coaching staff, we have talked at length about how best to do this. While the Whole Life Challenge is a great tool and we have seen fantastic results, many of you have asked for a more individualized option. We want you to be successful on this front so Coach Suz has invested the time and resources to support those of you needing some work here. We have a couple of options to hopefully meet your needs:

Option 1: Let us provide a review of a typical 3-day food log (we will set you up for this prior to your meeting). Get some feedback on where you stand with a macronutrient analysis and a quality/quantity evaluation.  This is a 30-minute consultation where we will look at your typical food intake and highlight some areas where you can make improvements as well as identifying foods you should add to your diet and those that might be holding you back. Cost is $40 for the 30-minute consultation. Food logs should be provided ahead of time for best feedback.

Option 2: Ready to really get serious on the nutrition front? Do you need accountability to stick with the program or have significant weight to lose? Consider an intensive 3-month nutrition program to get you on track. This option includes meal plans, individualized macronutrient prescription and support, real time feedback on food choices, and regular meetings with your coach who will work with you throughout and hold you accountable. This option requires 100% commitment and openness to change. After all, there is no magic pill. Hard work is required. Cost is $185/month with a 3-month commitment. Contact Coach Suz ( for more information. 

Workouts that Work

If you've got your nutrition dialed or are just not ready to dig into that right now, that's fine too! Don't let that be a hindrance to starting where you are. Many, many folks come through our doors just looking for a starting point to turn things around. Sometimes they even workout regularly but what they've been doing just isn't working for them anymore. That's okay and that's what we do best. Come talk to us and let us show you how we can help. Email us at to set up a time to chat. No obligation; no judgement. 

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