Slay the Season Challenge

October 25, 2021
Slay the Season Challenge


October 25, 2021

The leaves are flying and there is snow in the mountains (and in some of our backyards). The grocery stores have whole aisles dedicated to Halloween candy and before you know it, Christmas carols will be stuck on repeat in your brain. I want to talk to you today about what the next couple of months will hold for your health and fitness. Without serious intention and commitment otherwise, most of us are headed for the fourth quarter slump. The next three months represent a host of landmines from busy schedules, holiday parties and happy hours, pumpkin spice everything, and shorter, colder days. However, a commitment to your health and fitness through the end of the year can keep you on track and away from the slump. Think about how it would feel to arrive at January 1 in better shape than you are today and with some solid habits to start the year. It is possible and we can help.

Let’s put some effort into laying down good habits over the next couple of months. Connect with some people who are working toward similar goals and steer clear of the frenzy of shopping, eating, and drinking our way through the holidays.

No one likes a good competition more than our community, so we’ve brought back Slay the Season for November and December. We all need a little incentive to make our way to the gym when it is cold and gray or to honor our workout commitment when it conflicts with happy hour. Sure, there are prizes, but the real win is in the commitment to honor your health and fitness through the last two months of the year. Your physical health and your mental health will thank you. Here is the scoop (and it is a very simple scoop):

Workout at Catacombs 27 times between November 1 and January 2 and you win! Aside from the health and fitness benefits, you will also be entered into a drawing for one of five $50 Catacombs gift cards. There is no cost to participate!

Here are the rules:

  • Only one workout per day counts toward your goal, but you can spread the workouts out over the time period however you want. This helps with travel, holidays, etc. If you average three workouts/week, you will accomplish the goal.
  • Workouts can be group class, Sweat!, Strength, or private training with a coach. Open gym and mobility are fantastic, but they do not count for this challenge. Coach Joon will also supply a list of travel workouts that can count in a pinch if you post your result and a sweaty post-workout picture to the Catacombs Facebook group.
  • We are going old school for tracking and will have all participants on a star chart. Athletes are responsible for adding their own stars to the chart. Coaches will supply stars.
  • Sign up sheets will be available the week of October 25. You must commit prior to November 1 to participate. Make the commitment.

I hope you will join us in the Slay the Season challenge. As an added bonus, Coach Ricky is programming three benchmark workouts for the challenge. We will mix them into the Workouts of the Day during the first week of November and again in the first week of January. Let’s hold our ground through the holidays or better yet, see what kind of progress we can make.

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