It was an honor to know you, Bill.

December 29, 2019
It was an honor to know you, Bill.


December 29, 2019

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Catacombs recently lost a friend and family member of our gym community. Bill joined Catacombs back when we were in our old space and had been a member here for 4 years. It has taken some time for me to put into words my feelings around his passing and all he has meant to me and this community. Here is my best attempt at that task:

CrossFit was never Bill’s primary sport. In fact, his primary sport was life. He loved playing outside in all the ways: biking, skiing, hiking, adventuring. Like so many of us, the work he did in the gym was to help him enjoy his pursuits outside the gym even more. Nonetheless, he was committed to his training here. Bill never resisted being coached; in fact he embraced it. He was always open to suggestions on better ways to move or techniques. As much as he worked to improve and get stronger and fitter, he never allowed ego to get in the way. Bill was supremely comfortable doing his own workout and never worried how his loads or times compared to anyone else. Perhaps most strikingly, he did all of it with a smile and a sense of joy.

Bill was more than an athlete at the gym though. He was a genuinely kind and welcoming person to all, including me—especially me. Bill never hesitated to pass along a compliment when he observed something we were doing well. As a fledgling entrepreneur, the encouraging and supportive words from a successful business person like Bill often meant so much to me. At the same time, I cannot remember a single complaint or disparaging comment from him. If he had them (which I’m sure he did), he kept them to himself. Instead, a cheerful smile and a hug or a high five were his language of choice.

I can’t count the number of times Bill told me how much me appreciated the gym, the coaching staff, and most of all, the community of Catacombs. He never left doubt around how much he appreciated us and what Catacombs meant to him. Sadly, it is only in retrospect that I now take the opportunity to appreciate all that he meant to us—to me. My hope is that the sadness of this tragedy serves as a reminder to me to be more like Bill—to also leave no doubt in the minds of those in my world about I feel.

It was an honor to know you, Bill. I am grateful for your presence in my life.

Come share a workout with the Catacombs community in honor of Bill Tyson on Saturday, January 4th. All are welcome to participate, just email if you are not a current Catacombs member and we will get you set up. Class times are 7:30, 8:30, and 9:30 AM. 

Bill’s family is hosting a gathering to honor and celebrate Bill's life on January 4 from 7-11 pm at the Durango Elks Club. Everyone who loves Bill is welcome at the gathering.

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