Healthy Habits Challenge

December 27, 2021
Healthy Habits Challenge


December 27, 2021

Happy Holidays Catacombs Family--

It is the time of year where we turn our focus to dialing in our habits. We have been hinting at it for weeks, but we are ready to roll out the details of the Healthy Habits Challenge. Let’s spend the next month working together to establish and engrain some good habits around nutrition, exercise, rest, and mindfulness. After all, there is no fitness without nutrition!

What do I have to do?

Healthy Habits is composed of 5 basic habits addressing the goals that matter to all of us: better body composition, performance, and overall health. The 5 habits include:

-Nutrition (Lazy Macros-see below)

-Hydration (Take half your body weight, then drink that many ounces of water every day)

-Sleep (Spend a minimum of 7 hours in bed without electronics)

-Exercise (30 minutes of intentional movement every day)

-Mindfulness (minimum of 5 minutes of meditation, journaling, breathwork, or mindfulness practice of your choice)

Each of these areas will be worth 1 point every day.

What is Lazy Macros?

The nutrition component of Healthy Habits is the Lazy Macros™ Challenge focusing on ensuring a baseline level of fruits, veggies, and protein every day – without weighing and measuring everything and without restricting anything! (Remember, it’s “lazy”!). Our goal is to get you focused on quality intake rather than restricting or dieting.

If your goal is performance, Lazy Macros is for you.

If your goal is weight loss, we’ve got you covered.

If your goal is health and wellness, you are still in the right place.

Lazy Macros combines the #800gChallenge® (eating 800 grams, by weight, of fruits and veggies each day) with a protein target. We will help you set your protein target, but [spoiler alert], it will likely be a lot more than what most of us eat on a daily basis. By setting a target on items that are underrepresented in most diets, the overall quantity is reduced and a better micro & macronutrient balance is achieved. 

Daily Education and Leaderboarding

Not only do you focus on what to add to the diet (not eliminate), we are using SugarWOD to distribute nutrition content throughout the challenge. You’ll get educational tips each day. This also means we’ve got real-time leaderboarding to see where you stack up! Get motivation and encouragement from the friendly competition just like we do for our workouts.

Aren’t New Year’s Challenges a Waste of Time?

 Not when the challenge focuses on practices that should continue past the 4 weeks. Nutrition challenges that focus on extreme or unsustainable behaviors aren’t always the most productive particularly when people are just waiting to get back to their “old ways.” But when we focus on practices that can be used every day, forever, a challenge can be a fun way to work on creating lifelong habits.


Dates—January 10 – Feb 7

Ok, Ok, I’m In! 

Great! Sign-up HERE 

Once you sign up, we will give you access to a private track in SugarWOD for scoring and daily content starting January 8. This is also where we will communicate as a group and help hold each other accountable. We officially start on Monday January 10.

Questions? Just ask us!


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