New Merchandise and Swolverine Reorders

September 11, 2023
New Merchandise and Swolverine Reorders


September 11, 2023

Greetings Catacombs Family—

Just a quick note today to make sure you are aware of 2 very important things that we keep forgetting to announce in class…

First, our partnership with Swolverine continues to be a huge success. Swolverine is a workout supplement company founded by one of our very own. We have a few items on the shelf now including some tasty mixes for before and during your workout as well as post workout recovery (protein). BUT, you can order anything they offer through our monthly preorder. There are more products and flavors than I could begin to describe here. Check it out by the kiosk, on their website, or better yet, ask Walter personally. He’s usually around in the afternoons and we are working on setting up another opportunity for you to sample some flavors and products. If you see something you want on our shelves, please use the self checkout kiosk to purchase. If you see something you want online, please add it to the preorder sheet and we will get it for you ASAP! We place orders monthly.

Second, new fall apparel is here! This is always one of the most exciting times of the year. New hoodies are here and we have another shipment of t-shirts coming in too. You can pick one up and pay for it at the kiosk with a credit card or apple pay. If you don’t have those on you, please write your name and what you purchased on the apparel sheet and we can charge your account.

Speaking of the kiosk, did you know you can set up an account so that you don’t need your phone or credit card to purchase drinks or snacks or apparel or supplements? Ask a coach to help you store your card if you aren’t sure how. The kiosk is NOT connected to ZenPlanner so we have no way of charging your ZP account through the kiosk. We’ve had a number of instances where people start a purchase without completing it. We greatly appreciate your diligence in making sure that your purchase goes through as our margin on all of these items is pretty slim.

One final reminder, please remember to sign up for class in advance and cancel your reservation if you aren’t going to make it. Fall is a very busy time at Catacombs and it really helps everyone when we all play by the same rules. Your coaches and your community appreciate it.

Okay, that’s all for now! Here’s to fall and hoodie season!

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