We’ve Got this!

March 13, 2020
We’ve Got this!



March 13, 2020


Well this is definitely an interesting time, isn’t it?

It is getting more and more difficult to make sense of the state of affairs in our world. It looks less likely by the minute that our little corner of the world will escape the impacts the coronavirus and the associated economic hardship. 

Catacombs has thrived as a community gathering place for 6 years now. While we are following all guidelines and best practices around keeping our members safe, we are also preparing for the unlikely possibility of a forced closure. Rest assured that we are preparing alternative avenues right now for delivering not just your daily workout, but also your daily dose of community and connection. 

We have already begun making operational changes to address this very real threat and we will continue to evolve the way in which we deliver programming and coaching to our community. Here is what we are doing right now:

  • Equipment, floors, bathrooms, and all surfaces are being cleaned daily in accordance with CDC recommendations. We are adding a midday cleaning of floors and bathrooms as an added measure of precaution. We are doing everything possible to keep the gym environment clean and safe for you to continue your workout routine.
  • Check-in at the kiosk will no longer be required. Coaches will begin checking you into classes via their phones. You are also welcome to wipe down equipment prior to use in addition to after use as an extra precaution.
  • Beginning next week, we will post 4 home workouts each week within SugarWOD—complete with videos and instructions. If you decide that coming to the gym is not in your best interest, we understand. We also want to keep you engaged and moving. It is my sincere hope that you will continue to prioritize your health and fitness as well as your support of your gym family.
  • We will begin hosting a weekly outdoor workout at locations around town. Times and locations will be posted in SugarWOD and in the member-only Facebook group. These workouts will include coaches but no equipment.
  • Coaches are increasing precautions with private training clients. Equipment needed for private training will be cleaned ahead of each session and after each session. We are also working with higher risk clients to schedule their sessions in less busy times of the day to minimize contact with bigger groups. If you would feel better working one on one with a coach, let us know and we can talk with you about private training options.

Here is your homework for the weekend. Make sure you are a part of our member facebook group and are signed up on SugarWOD. If you are not, email info@crossfitcatacombs.com and we will set you up.

We appreciate so much your continued support as I know we all have a lot on our plates and on our minds at this time. Stay with us and stay healthy! 

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