Logging Scores and SugarWOD

July 15, 2021
Logging Scores and SugarWOD



July 15, 2021


As we continue our discussion of Catacombs culture, today I want to talk about why we log scores and the ins and outs of SugarWOD. I'll give you a hint...it isn't so we can determine the strongest or fastest among us. Not sure what the heck this SugarWOD thing is anyway? Read on for the scoop.

Logging Scores

We record scores for one primary reason (and a lot of secondary reasons): it helps us measure progress. By tracking what we do on benchmark workouts, lifting sets, and daily workouts, we can look back in time and see how far we've come. Past results inform current decisions and help us get the most out of a workout. Additionally, when we pay enough attention to record times, loads, and reps, we give more attention and focus to our efforts. And more attention and focus always yields better results. I know this to be true because I have experienced it time after time.

Having a log of our results can also be important information when working with a coach to try to troubleshoot why progress may have stalled or where a new ache or pain might be coming from.

We do NOT log scores to stoke our ego or compete with others. The practice of recording is an exercise in self-reflection and motivation.

Not convinced or not interested in recording a score? No problem. I have those days too. It is always perfectly fine to record a “smiley face” or no score at all. We just thought you might like to know why we recommend it.


SugarWOD is a gym-wide platform that we use to record our work and connect with others in our community. Each daily workout is pre-programmed so all you have to do is record your time, reps, load, etc. as well as whatever modifications you implemented. Then, it magically stores this info to help guide subsequent efforts. For example, you back squat 125 pounds for 3 reps. Three weeks later, back squats come up again but this time you are lifting 5 reps. SugarWOD will connect those dots for you and help inform your warm up sets, etc for back squats going forward. Pretty cool, right? And those benchmark workouts that we repeat periodically? SugarWOD will tell you what your previous scores were and how you adjusted the workout so you can check your improvement.

SugarWOD is also another tool for building community. It lets you virtually "fist bump" a classmate or comment on a result from someone in an earlier (or later) class. Our coaches use it to encourage and monitor progress in our athletes and get feedback on the workouts that we program. We are community first, after all.

We do NOT use SugarWOD to see what tomorrow's workout is so that we cancel out of class if it is chock full of our weakest movements. Remember, we get better by doing the less sexy work consistently...never by cherry-picking the the ones we "like". Don’t be that guy or gal. We will always help you make a workout work for you.

Not sure how to access SugarWOD? Ask any coach and we are glad to walk you through it. It is a free benefit of your membership but it isn't free; so we reserve access to those who are members at CFC. We would love to help you get started though.

Questions about other aspects of Catacombs tribal knowledge? Let us know. We want you understand the ins and out of your fitness home.

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