Train with a Coach

Tracie Holcomb
May 8, 2024
Train with a Coach

Tracie Holcomb


May 8, 2024

I feel very confident in stating that no one does private training better than Catacombs Fitness Collective. The depth and breadth of our expertise and the passion that we put toward one-on-one training is unmatched. Working one-on-one with a coach is hands down the fastest and most effective way to make progress on your health and fitness goals. We start by listening to where you are now, understanding your challenges and goals, and designing a program that is uniquely geared to your needs. But that is just the beginning. The real value comes in the accountability and support to get the work done. Our job is to keep you moving forward through the times when it would be easier to stall out; to adapt your training when needed; to remind you of the commitment that you have made to yourself.

Private training can look like so many different things and is unique to every individual athlete. Whether you are new to exercise, recovering from injury, training for a specific goal, or just need more accountability, private training will get you there faster. We bring 100% focus to you and your training so that your only responsibility is to show up and give us your best effort. Our coaches have unique approaches and widely diverse areas of expertise. We would be happy to help match you up with the coach who is the best fit for you.

Read on to learn about some of our coaches and their specialities:

Coach Suz loves working with people diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia as well as women in menopause. Through extensive research and experience, she has developed the knowledge and qualifications to help those facing these challenges.

In her own words:

I love working with adults who are concerned about their bone density and longevity. I want to help them gain confidence in lifting weights and being strong enough to be involved in the activities that they love.

I have tremendous empathy for all of my clients. I want to hear their story and help them with whatever they are struggling with. I will push them so they believe in themselves. I will also adjust depending on how they are feeling and if they need more or less that day. I love to laugh and make people smile throughout the day.

Coach Stucka approaches fitness from a whole body wellness perspective. Every body is different and has various needs day to day. Stucka believes personal training is a collaborative effort. While the come prepared with and expertly designed plan, their strengths are being flexible and adaptive to clients’ needs during training sessions to making sure the client receives the best support and results. They have a passion for making fitness fun and engaging--especially for those who have never seen fitness as fun or engaging. Stucka has experience working with 2SLGBTQIA and teen athletes and is able to see people’s strengths and use those strengths to improve their fitness. Stucka has their CrossFit Level 1 and is registered for their Level 2 course in May 2024.

Coach KMac loves working with athletes who want to improve their skills in gymnastics or olympic lifting, and those who are interested in competing in CrossFit. She is also very passionate about working with adaptive athletes. KMac is sought after for her expertise in helping athletes who have been plagued with recurring injuries or experience mobility limitations, and want to take the time to improve their movement, pain, and mobility to reach their potential both inside and outside of the gym.

In her words:

I have a wealth of knowledge in drills and skills to get people on the track to get pull ups, toes to bar, HSPU, muscle ups. I love seeing athletes make the connections to master these movements. I have also spent a lot of time drilling and coaching olympic lifts and enjoy coaching these techniques and helping athletes work toward their lifting goals. With 1 on 1 coaching, athletes see quick improvements because the drills are more tailored to them and their needs.

Coach Linda's specialty is providing support in developing a sustainable, enjoyable and holistic approach to movement & exercise. Her clients can expect to be nurtured and then empowered to take ownership of their own physical experience. She brings her undivided attention focusing on the both the macro and micro details of their movement and mindset to include mechanics, breathwork, core/pelvic health, psychological beliefs and how all of these play a big role in how we feel and move in our bodies!

Her specific areas of focus include:

-Implementing prescribed physical therapy exercises and then progressing into more advanced individualized exercises

-chronic or recurring low back pain

-hypermobility or EDS

-women who are pregnant or newly postpartum as well as pelvic floor/core rehabilitation,

-Re-establishing neuromuscular connectivity, pre-hab/rehab, regaining balance

-Plantar fasciitis / plantar pain / chronic ankle sprains

Coach Donnie is our newest coach bringing 10 years of experience in strength and conditioning coaching. What we love about Donnie is his passion for helping athletes evolve both physically and mentally. He has an instinct for getting people to not only see their own potential, but also to achieve it. Donnie prides himself on leading by example–with his passion for fitness and his compassion to help others. If your goals are lifting heavier, building endurance, functional bodybuilding, or improving performance–you are going to want to chat with Coach Donnie.

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