CFC Nutrition

February 21, 2023
CFC Nutrition


February 21, 2023

Greetings Tribe—

Coach Tracie here with the long awaited launch of CFC Nutrition.

See, my first introduction to CrossFit was almost 15 years ago. I remember those early workouts and understanding “high intensity” for the first time. But I also think it was the first time that I heard sayings along the lines of “you can’t outwork a bad diet” or “abs are made in the kitchen”. From the beginning, CrossFit or “functional fitness” has always meant working out AND a focus on nutrition. I want to be clear; this focus on nutrition is not the same as conventional dieting. It has taken a lot of different forms and evolved over my 15 years in this industry. But the common theme has always been a focus on high quality foods in appropriate quantities to fuel health and performance. 

At Catacombs, we have worked on this through nutrition challenges, general education, and one on one coaching. We are pleased to finally be able to offer a complete nutrition coaching option with Coach Lindsay. As you may remember, she has a Master’s in Public Health in Nutrition and is a Certified Nutrition Coach through Working Against Gravity. She has years of nutrition coaching experience and fitness coaching experience and is excited to work one on one with our community. Want to know more? Read on!

CFC Nutrition

Dial in your fitness by way of wholesome, fuel-focused nutrition. We’ve created a fine-tuned, individualized nutrition program that is meant to align with YOU and YOUR lifestyle. Forcing you to structure your life to fit the program just doesn’t work. It might work for a little while, but it is not the recipe for long term success. Coach Lindsay will help you develop the mindsets and habits to create a healthy and sustainable relationship with food that empowers you to look and feel your best self. 

1-on-1 Coaching

Coach Lindsay understands that every physical body is different. She guides you through the entire process - step by step - to help you identify which foods and in what quantity help you feel your best. Connecting with a live professional every day is the game-changer that helps clients succeed where online coaching or self-directed programs fail. This is real-time coaching and support—not just a weekly check-in.


Your coach is in your corner…every single day. It is as simple as taking pictures of what you eat and sharing them with your coach. You get the daily support of a proven expert whose only goal is to help you succeed! 

Food Freedom

We work together to help you build a sustainable relationship with food and learn to trust yourself to make the choices that best support your goals. No food choice is “good” or “bad” and there are no rigid prescriptions. The only rule of the program is transparency with your coach. As always, you get out what you put in.

Lifestyle Habits

Our proven process is designed for busy people who need a step-by-step path that isn’t overwhelming! Our “secret” is that we guide you through changing one new habit at a time, week after week, instead of changing everything all at once. Over time, these habits build on one another to completely transform your nutrition patterns.

“This program is incredible. The changes in how I looked and felt blew my mind and I quickly became addicted to this process. My coach was so supportive of my goals and helped me reach them while juggling my very busy life as a mom of two. It has had a huge positive impact on my life in terms of health, food knowledge and getting rid of the negative restrictive “diet” mindset I’d been using unsuccessfully for years. The confidence this program has given me in and outside of the gym has been life-changing.” 

Sign Up Details

Experience the benefits of one-on-one nutrition coaching to help you develop and implement a plan to reach your goals. And, by the “end,” you’ll become the expert. It’s an investment worth making in your health. The cost for coaching is $249/month. If you are interested in getting started or learning more, email and we will get you connected.

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