Meet the Kane Family

August 1, 2022
Meet the Kane Family


August 1, 2022

Maya Kane
Member Since: 2018
Favorite Movement: (Other than running?!) Handstand pushups –going upside down is awesome!
Least Favorite Movement: Power Snatch
Working On: Overhead movements

Jeff Kane
Member Since: 2018
Favorite Movement: Power Snatch
Least Favorite Movement: Handstand pushups
Working On: Strict Press
(He answered this without knowing what Maya had said, a balanced relationship if you ask us!)

Arthur “The Snarf” Kane
Member Since: 2021
Favorite Movement: Napping under the pullup bar or doing down dogs in warmups
Least Favorite Movement: When mom and dad leave for a run without him
Working On: Self-confidence, being ok with being alone

Catacombs often has a cascading effect on families. One person tries a class, gets hooked, and starts coming regularly. After returning home each day with a post-wod high and growing muscles, their partners want to give it a shot too. In the case of the Kane family, Maya quickly recruited Jeff, and a few years later, Arthur, their golden retriever, came along for the ride as well. As a family affair, the Kanes know that those who run to class together, run home together —stronger, sweatier, and happier.

Maya was on the hunt for a new gym in Durango when a friend encouraged her to try a class at Catacombs. She enjoyed it but was a little intimidated by the new movements. She might have let her doubt get the best of her if Coach Suz hadn’t sent her a personal email saying she should come try it out again.

“That email made me feel seen as a human who is worthy of being at the gym, regardless of my athletic ability or strength, and it gave me the confidence to come back to another class,” said Maya. 

So she continued and found a surprisingly supportive new community. She said she had somewhat lost herself as a mom and in her work, and starting at Catacombs renewed her sense of self and her confidence. She worked with Coach Linda, learning that core work needed to happen first, and then she could build upon that. She made friends with people in classes who she otherwise would have never met outside of the gym. As she got stronger, her view of herself changed. 

“I finally saw myself as a strong and capable human. I felt healthier and more grounded,” she said. 

Jeff’s experience was similar. He was drawn to the community in the classes and liked that the coaches knew just the right amount to push him. “I never felt self-conscious about the weights I chose or how I was doing the movements. I always felt supported,” he said. Four years later, the Kanes are not only regulars, but staples in the Catacombs community. 

As their commitment to health has grown, they have stopped drinking alcohol and feel mentally and physically stronger than ever. Maya said both the coaches and the other members at Catacombs have inspired her to become the very best version of herself. Jeff has noticed how his strength has affected his activities outside of the gym. He has been a third baseman in softball for over a decade, and he said that since starting at Catacombs his game has noticeably improved. 

“My agility and strength have gotten so much better, I have more flexibility to make certain plays, and I’ve even hit some home runs this year,” said Jeff. 

The Saturday morning partner wods have become one of their favorite dates as a family, and they use them to jump into their weekend feeling healthy and refreshed. “It feels good to cheer each other on,” Maya said. She hopes they pursue fitness “as long as those in the Longevity classes.” She sees the value in strength training for living a long, healthy life, and she can’t imagine her life without it. 

Jeff, too, prioritizes getting to classes every week. He believes there is always room to improve technique and grow as an athlete. “There is no plateau in fitness. It is a dynamic process, and you get out of it as much as you invest,” he said. 

While Maya and Jeff are a staple in the Catacombs family, Arthur has also found his community. He gets excited to see Coach Joon’s dog Joy as well as play with Coach Kmac’s new puppy Dennis. Arthur is working on his summer body and is showing it off with a fresh haircut. 

We are so glad the Kanes found Catacombs, and we look forward to their years ahead of family fitness.

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