Meet Longevity Athlete Diane F.

December 7, 2022
Meet Longevity Athlete Diane F.


December 7, 2022

Have you noticed the incredible group of Seniors who meet every morning at 10:30? Our Longevity program is a testament to the power of community and connection. These athletes are committed to maintaining functional capacity, improving fitness, and continuing to improve strength to live their lives fully. Coach Suz sat down with one of these athletes and here is what Diane F had to say:

Why did you join Catacombs Fitness?

I had always worked out at home, Pilates and Yoga along with 2-3 5 mile walks and a hike or 2 thrown in every week.  I tried weights, but whenever I tried to increase them on my own, I often ended up injured. I was due for my next Dexa scan and was confident, because of my activity, that it would be ok.  Then I got the results and was very surprised, the beginnings of osteopenia.  I look at the body from a functional medicine approach, treat the whole body, not just the problem. I knew then I would need more information on how to approach this.  I was referred to Clayton LeBaum at Mercy, and after much discussion he agreed with my natural approach and referred me to the Longevity class at Catacombs. I set up my appointment and met with Brian. We talked about my goals, which were to strengthen my bones and be functionally stronger.  He listened, was caring, and confident that he, together with Suz, would help me get there.  I watched a class so I could actually see what it was like, and signed up on that day in late February 2022.  This one decision has changed my life! After my first class I was sore for days and questioned whether or not I could do this.  Suz looked me straight in the eye and told me I could. I have never looked back and continue to show up, day after day, week after week. 

What is the most impactful thing you've learned at the gym?

I found that working with professionals who really care has made all the difference.  I tried other gyms, but never found a trainer who actually cared how I did the moves, my form, the right weight, how to achieve my goals based upon what I was capable of.  They always tried to get me to do what everyone else was doing. The first time i tried to do lunges with Suz, i was wobbling all over the place.  Suz gave me poles to help my balance and train me.  It was awkward at first, but I kept at it. Eventually I was able to drop the poles, and the wall.  I felt so great when Suz commented “look at you doing weighted lunges without any support”.  I was amazed that I had actually gotten there. Both Suz and Brian are dedicated to teaching their clients good form and help them to overcome difficulties and how to “tweak” the exercise so it works for them.  I was so pleasantly surprised by the encouragement I received from all the other members of our Longevity class.  I have been welcomed into this family of “seniors” dedicated to living our lives strong and healthy. I look forward to seeing everyone, encouraging one another, laughing together, and getting to know each other.  I have never had that camaraderie in a work out class before. Suz and Brian work together to make this class fun and enjoyable. I am surprised that I have become so dedicated to the classes that I do not want to miss them.  

What's your favorite kind of workout or movement in the gym?

I have found I really enjoy working out with weights now that I understand proper form for the exercises. I also love the rings.  Just trying to pull myself up, and mostly getting there, helps me feel more confident. Exercises for balance have been so beneficial.  Even the exercises I don’t particularly gravitate to have been rewarding because I am stronger, have better posture, am more balanced, and can move easily up and down.  I can happily keep up with my two beautiful granddaughters, running, hiking, climbing.

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