Relief from Chronic Pain--Matt's Story

How the Longevity Program improved Matt's life
Tracie Holcomb
March 28, 2024
Relief from Chronic Pain--Matt's Story

Tracie Holcomb


March 28, 2024

Meet Matt J! He's become a regular at Catacombs and seen significant improvements in overall stamina and strength while reducing the impact of chronic pain in his hip and low back.

Tell us a little about your health and fitness level prior to joining Catacombs? 

I was struggling to find the right program for strength training.  While yoga helped with flexibility and my mental state, going to the rec center and lifting weights just wasn't working for me.  Self-directed PT exercises were OK, but I wasn't seeing much progress after months of working out.  Several friends and my wife all recommended Longevity classes at Catacombs, so I decided to try it.  I continue to deal with chronic pain in my lower back and right hip, along with severely weakened muscles on my right side due to multiple failed hip surgeries on my right hip.  But I am finally seeing progress at Catacombs.

Why did you choose Catacombs Fitness Collective?  

I knew at least 4 other people who were regulars at Catacombs.  After I began attending, several more friends started.  Everybody I know who comes to Catacombs enthusiastically recommends it.

What activity or aspect of training was challenging at first but has since become a source of success or an accomplishment? 

After 3 months of regular attendance, I find my range of motion in my hips has increased under resistance (squats with resistance, step-ups, etc.), I can do sit-to-stands and my core strength is noticeably better.  I find myself with energy for long-ish walks after class (3-4 miles).

How has this gym helped you physically and mentally? 

Physically I am experiencing improvements in strength and stamina with decreases in chronic pain levels.  This has a huge impact on my mental state.  I enjoy the workouts, and I think the social interaction with the gym staff, friends and meeting new people improves my mental health. It is a holistic approach to Longevity.  Plus the music selection is fun!

On top of regular attendance to Catacombs, what lifestyle changes have you made since joining the gym? 

I am trying other tools for pain management like acupuncture.  I am taking longer walks with more comfort and less pain.  I have more energy for life activities.

What are your goals for the not-too-distant future in the gym?

Continued increases in weight used in Longevity exercises, improvements in exercises that still challenge me at times like weighted lunges and a few others.  I've noticed improvements over my first 3 months, and would like to continue on that path. Another goal is to come to the gym during afternoon open hours to do some focused exercises for hip and core strength.

What are you looking forward to outside of the gym that Catacombs may help with?  

Outside the gym I want to get back in shape for longer day hikes in the mountains and summer activities like kayaking and fishing.

Thanks Matt and keep up the great work! We know you have even greater gains in your future. And thanks for always bringing such a positive attitude to Longevity!

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