Introducing Swolverine + Member Appreciation Party

July 9, 2023
Introducing Swolverine + Member Appreciation Party


July 9, 2023

Rumor has it that Swolverine supplements are as good as Walter’s squat clean form.

Greetings Catacombs Family—

I have 2 exciting announcements today. Read on for the details of our Member Appreciation Party and to find out about Swolverine, our new fitness supplement partner headed up by one of our own. You aren’t going to want to miss this!

First of all, make sure you’ve blocked out next Saturday starting at 6:30 PM for our Member Appreciation Party. You guys are the heart and soul of Catacombs Fitness Collective and we are excited to celebrate you with our summer party. We will provide non-alcoholic beverages, food from Taco Libre, yard games and music. Feel free to BYOB if fizzy water is not your thing. Spouses, partners, and kids are welcome. Dress for dancing the night away or come prepared for cornhole and spikeball. There will be something for everyone. Let us know if you have questions.

Second, can we talk about Swolverine? Aside from a really cool name, Swolverine creates sports supplements designed to fuel and optimize athletic performance through transparency, clinically effective doses, and clinically proven ingredients with evidence-based outcomes. Now, you guys know that there is no such thing as a pill or a powder that will help you hit your fitness and health goals without putting in the work. We run the other way from brands that pitch themselves as short cuts or quick fixes as that is not in alignment with our beliefs and values. But if you are putting in the work at the gym and in the kitchen, there is a strong case for thoughtful supplementation as most of us have a few holes in our sports nutrition game. But how do you know which brands are junk and which are the real deal? And how do you know which products are right for you?

Enter Swloverine and CEO Walter HInchman. Yep, our Walter. The one that sweats it out in Strength or 5 PM class on the regular. I sat down with Walter to talk shop and came away very impressed with their commitment to quality, science, and helping athletes get results. Their supplement products provide higher doses of clinically proven ingredients so that you can truly improve your performance. If you want to row harder, sprint faster, build more muscle and get stronger, you need clinically effective doses in your supplements. Most competing brands, under dose the ingredients you need and use proprietary blends that don't disclose how much of those ingredients they put in their products. Without transparency in labeling, you'll never know if the products you're using and paying for will help you reach your goals. But not Swolverine.

You guys know that we are very particular about the products we endorse and recommend. I could not be more excited to bring this product line into Catacombs. Walter will have a table set up at the Member Appreciation Party to let you sample all their flavors and learn about their products as well as some giveaways. We will carry the most popular products and flavors at Catacombs and can help you special order anything else.

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