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Strength Classes in Durango, CO



Our Strength program at Catacombs Fitness Collective is designed to help you develop physical resilience and power. Through structured resistance training, guided by our experienced coaches, you'll build muscle, improve bone density, and enhance overall strength to support your daily activities and athletic pursuits. With a focus on progressive overload and proper technique, our coaches provide the guidance and support you need to safely and effectively increase strength, leading to improved health, vitality, and confidence.

What to Expect?

In our Strength program, expect:

  • Structured resistance training workouts tailored to your fitness level and goals.
  • Emphasis on proper lifting technique and form to prevent injuries and maximize results.
  • Personalized coaching and support to help you overcome plateaus and achieve new personal bests.
  • Benefits beyond the gym, including increased metabolism, improved posture, and enhanced quality of life.
  • A supportive community atmosphere where you can challenge yourself, celebrate successes, and grow stronger together.
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Downtown Durango, on Main St across from Buckley Park

Working out at the gym isn't easy. But getting there shouldn't be hard. Catacombs Fitness Collective is located and easily accessible from all of Durango.

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1162 Main Ave, Durango, CO 81301
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