The Power of Words

March 11, 2018
The Power of Words


March 11, 2018


Coach Suz drizzles a little wisdom below on mindset and the power of your words. Check it out, then bring your "can do" attitude to the gym this week!

Have you ever noticed the energy in a group as we are briefing a workout at the whiteboard or even talking before class? Sometimes everyone is excited because the movements or weights in a workout are within reach or for whatever reason it just looks fun. But sometimes, when one person says something negative:

I’m going to be here all day.

Burpees again?

I can't do that.

I hate double unders.

That looks really heavy or hard or long or whatever…,

it changes everyone's outlook on the workout. The mood of the whole room can shift. We have all been guilty of this even though almost always unintentionally. The power of the subconscious mind latches on to that negativity and self-doubt and most certainly impacts the quality of our workout. Worse yet, it may impact the quality of every one else's workout too!

Be aware of your words both out loud and in your head. Let us all try to have more times when we think and say positive things: “I’m getting better at this” or “I can help you with that” or “I am getting to work on a weakness today” (without the sarcasm, of course). And when all else fails, offer an encouraging word to someone working out next to you. I promise that this works and that you will feel better.

I remember a workout I didn’t finish, my hands ripped, and continuing was unwise.  I was so mad and said, “Well, that sucked.”  Coach Robert- as wise of a man as I’ve ever met- came over and asked: “Are you less strong because of that workout?” Of course not! I was able to reframe that and stood up a little taller. Then I thought about how I need to work on my perspective and how my words can reflect that change. 

Think about your mindset the next time your least favorite movement comes up or a workout just looks intimidating. Use your words for good. Lift someone’s spirits with positive talk. You will be surprised at how much it affects your own outlook too.

Maya Angelou said, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

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