Last Call for Foundations

February 27, 2018
Last Call for Foundations


February 27, 2018

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Recently, we have fielded questions about the next Group Foundations session- when, how much, etc. There wasn’t one in February because January brought in so many wonderful folks with the two Foundations groups that we deemed it appropriate to have some “getting to know you” time between all members. Now that we feel like we know each other better, Catacombs is offering two more Group Foundations: mornings (7:30 AM) and evenings (6 PM). See the link below for further details.

Why have Foundations at all? Why not just let people walk into classes and learn on the fly?  The reasons are many, but the biggest two reasons are 1) practical and 2) philosophical.  For the practical reason, it is important to expose new members to the class method: how to get and use gear, how to space your workout area safely, how to read the whiteboard, how to listen to coaches as they come around, how instructional phases of classes work, and what the counters are for.

As far as philosophical reasons go, Foundations exposes new members to the concept of increased intensity via group activity led by a coach. Which in simpler terms means we are building the bonds of a community that people want to be a part of for a long time and using the difficulty of CrossFit to do it. Cheering for each other helps to push the pace of a workout just a bit higher, improving fitness levels. Sweating next to another person who is also sweating helps bind together strangers so they are no longer strangers, but now on the road to friendship. Enjoying the endorphins of a completed workout with a new friend helps keep a member on the path to better lifetime health.  And having a coach facilitate the hour keeps every one organized and safe so that the special bond built by a shared workout struggle can grow every single day. So why Foundations? Because it is the first ingredient in the glue that makes the Catacombs community amazing.

March Foundations:
Nine sessions beginning Monday, March 5th through Thursday March 22nd. Classes meet Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. The morning session will meet at 7:30 AM; the evening session at 6 PM. Attendance at 7 of 9 sessions is strongly encouraged. If these times don't work for you, reach out to us about scheduling Private Foundations.

Cost is $150. Register here.

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