Third Annual Catacombs Games

February 2, 2018
Third Annual Catacombs Games


February 2, 2018

Anyone recognize this guy? Will Hell's Kettlebells make a return?
Anyone recognize this guy? Will Hell's Kettlebells make a return?

We are excited to announce the 3rd Annual Catacombs Games! If you have been apart of our community for long, you know this is one of the highlights of our year. Much of the CrossFit world is dug in and focused on the CrossFit Open. The Open is a worldwide CrossFit competition comprised of 5 different workout completed over 5 weeks. Many Catacombs athletes will choose to compete in the Open. At Catacombs, we run the Catacombs Games simultaneously with the Open to ensure that we have options for all of our athletes to get involved.

What are the Catacombs Games?
The Catacombs Games are a 5 week team competition and potluck extravaganza within our community focused around building camaraderie and having fun.  Athletes are divided into 4 teams, and win points for team spirit, tasty food, and participation in the workouts. The better the spirit, better the food, and more athletes to workout, the more points your team gets. You do not have to be signed up for the official CrossFit Open to join the Catacombs Games, but if you are, we will have official judges to submit your score.  The Catacombs Games are for everyone and our goal is 100% participation. For 5 weeks in February and March, Catacombs is going to be the place to be on Friday nights. 

When does this go down?
The Games begin February 23rd and will run every Friday night from 5 PM to 8 PM for 5 weeks. You do not have to attend all weeks; we know that some of you have a life outside the gym :)

New this year, we will post a heat schedule and sign ups in Zen Planner each Friday morning so you can commit to your heat. We won't know the workout until the night before, so we can't really plan out the heat timeline in advance. There will be no regular 5/6 PM classes on these Friday nights, but plenty of opportunity to get your workout in. We will also run the Open workout during regular group classes. Following the Friday night heats, we will share food and drinks potluck style. This is a family friendly event and often the kids have the most fun of all. 

What are the rules?
Each team gets points based on the number of team members working out that day, team spirit (energy, costumes, etc.), and the tastiest food. The winning team, wins the Catacombs Games Cup! And everyone has a ton of fun in the process. Pretty simple, right?

-1 point for every athlete who does the workout in a class
-2 points for every athlete who does the workout during the Catacombs Games in the evening
-5 points for best tasting food (weekly themes TBD)
-5 points for best Team Spirit (based off cheering and costumes)

The team with the most points at the end of the 5 weeks, wins the Catacombs Games Cup! 

The Workouts
Each week, CrossFit HQ releases the workout on Thursdays at 6 PM in a live feed with much fanfare. We will watch these announcements and workout demonstrations together in the Catacombs lobby and all are welcome (bring snacks and a chair). We will know when you know what's to come. As always, our coaching staff will put our heads together and design modifications for these workouts that will work for anyone and everyone. DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED by HQs shenanigans.

How do I get on a team?
It is a very complicated process to sign up for the Catacombs Games. Sometime between now and next Friday, all interested athletes must write their name and email address on the sign up sheet in the Catacombs lobby. That's it. No intake workout, no money to pay, no online signup. Just write your name and email address (bonus points for penmanship). Team captains will meet on Friday, February 9th at 4:30pm and draft their players from the sign up sheets with the goal of building the most enthusiastic teams ever. Captains will be in charge of getting their team spirit in order, organizing potluck efforts, and working with the coaching staff on logistics.  If you’re interested in Captaining a team, please email Dustin at We NEED folks to step up here so that we can have several co-captains per team and spread the load.

This is an amazing aspect of our community, and we hope everyone will participate. There is no “winner or loser” based off your speed of the workouts, but it is based off the commitment to your team!

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