Crocktoberfest and New T-shirts!

September 29, 2017
Crocktoberfest and New T-shirts!


September 29, 2017


Hey Catacombs Family--

It's time to break in our new digs. We have been on a Friday Night Lights hiatus while we moved gyms and got settled, but it's time to remedy the deplorable lack of social functions around Catacombs. We have a whole lineup of events to keep you busy through the end of the year and we are kicking it off with Crocktoberfest and a new T-shirt launch party. Read on for details and ask a coach if you still have questions. This is a members-only event but you are welcome and encouraged to bring your families. If you are new to Catacombs in the last couple of months, you do NOT want to miss Friday Night Lights at Catacombs. It is always a fantastic time and an awesome way to meet some new friends.

What is Crocktoberfest? It is basically a crockpot potluck. We ask everyone or every family to bring a crockpot or soup pot of something delicious to share. If crockpotting isn't your thing, you can bring other sides or beverages to share too. While I don't like saying goodbye to summer, I do love the ease of throwing a bunch of ingredients into a crockpot and calling it dinner. What better way to celebrate than having a crockpot potluck! 

When is Crocktoberfest? The festivities will get underway at 6 PM (after the 5 PM class) on Friday, October 13th. There will not be a 6 PM class, but we will have extra coaches for the 5 PM to accommodate everyone that wants to workout. Judging will begin at 6:30 so you must have your dish there by that time to be entered into the contest.

Prizes: We will be offering 1st place and Runner Up for best Crocktoberfest entries in two different categories. The first category will be for Whole Life Challenge approved entries. We have around 40 athletes that are in the middle of the WLC and we want this to support their efforts...not set them back. Please see the WLC website for rules around what is compliant and what is not. The other category will be an "anything goes" category. Again, we will award 2 deep in this category. If you don't mind sharing, bring the recipe as well so we can share the goodness. Prizes this year have been donated by some our members and they are legit. You will want to win.

No Crockpot? Well, get one as they are lifesavers, but don't let that be a reason not to come. Feel free to bring side dishes or drinks to supplement the festivities. Catacombs will provide utensils, bowls, plates, etc. Please bring your own serving utensils and if you have a power strip, those come in handy too.

Did someone say T-shirts? Why, yes! I did say this was doubling as a t-shirt launch party. We have two new styles of t-shirts that we will debut at Crocktoberfest. Quantities are limited so you may want to make this a priority so that you can get your new shirts. We will also have sign up sheets for the fall hoodie preorder.

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