August Group Foundations

August 10, 2017
August Group Foundations


August 10, 2017

We are excited to announce that registration for our August Foundations Session is open. Jumping into CrossFit without logical progressions and focused coaching is a recipe for injury. We believe that it is critically important to get you started on the right track with a solid understanding of the fundamentals and a measured introduction to the intensity of our style of working out. Group Foundations allows you to do that in a fun format that will get you started on the right track.

Foundations gives us the opportunity to get to know you as an athlete so we are better prepared to coach you in group classes. We want to understand your goals and obstacles as that allows us to support you more personally and effectively. We do not require previous athletic experience or mastery of all skills to join our community as we coach and teach in every class; but our group classes move fast and we want you to be ready. 

How Does It Work?
Learn the fundamentals of CrossFit with a cohort of 8 new athletes. Group Foundations includes 9 sessions over the course of 3 weeks. Each session includes a teaching and practice component of a subset of movements followed by a workout designed to allow you to practice the movements in a higher intensity setting.  Over the course of 3 weeks, you will learn and practice the foundational movements of CrossFit while building your confidence and of course, your fitness. One of the best parts of Group Foundations is the camaraderie that develops between athletes as you learn, sweat, and struggle together. 

The cost for Group Foundations is $150 and limited to 8 athletes. Attendence at a minimum of 7 classes is strongly encouraged. 

August Foundations: Classes begin August 22nd and meet Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:30 AM for 3 weeks. 
September Foundations: Classes begin September 4th and meet Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 6 PM for 3 weeks. 

Sign up for Group Foundations here. 

Private Foundations
If your schedule doesn't match up with the dates and times above or if you prefer to work one on one with a coach, Private Foundations is another great option. We will match you up with one of our coaches for four private training sessions to not only master the movements, but also to give you the confidence to move safely and efficiently into our group class environment. Cost for Private Foundations is $200 and we will work with you to accommodate your schedule as necessary. Email to set up Private Foundations.

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