What Has Changed...and What Hasn't

April 12, 2017
What Has Changed...and What Hasn't



April 12, 2017

Hey Crew--

There is a lot going on in our Catacombs community right now and I wanted to take the opportunity to answer some questions. As you all know, we are so excited to be moving to our new space at the former Model Tire Store. We will be working on building out this space in the early summer and our best guess is for an August 1 move. In the meantime, we will continue to operate our regular class schedule at our current location. 

The new space will allow us the opportunity to serve more athletes and more groups without sacrificing our core belief in individualized coaching. And that leads us to what hasn't changed. We remain committed to small classes and coaching every athlete in every class. We remain committed to knowing each of our athletes by name, as well as your goals and challenges. We remain committed to prioritizing your goals and your health and fitness over numbers and dollars. We remain committed to serving the outdoor enthusiast population of Durango and catering our programming to runners, hikers, bikers, skiers, and mountaineers.  And we remain committed to breaking down the barriers of fear and intimidation that keep so many from ever pursuing the dream of being healthier and happier with their fitness. This is what we do best and this is what sets us apart.

With our new building, there will be many changes. We will now be able to operate two classes simultaneously at busy times of the day to alleviate congestion. It will also give us the opportunity to offer some new programs such as:

  • Specialized programming and coaching for senior citizens,
  • Training programs geared toward Durango's up and coming elite athletes from across many disciplines,
  • Express classes over the noon hour to get busy professionals a workout slot while allowing them to be back at work in an hour,
  • Specialty weightlifting, mobility, and gymnastics classes,
  • Boot camp and beginner classes to lower the barriers to entry for those less comfortable with the traditional CrossFit class model,
  • An improved and expanded private training space to allow us more space and equipment for one on one private training. 
  • And so much more. Stay tuned for the details as we roll this out.

We will be adding additional bathroom and shower facilities as well as an improved community space. And perhaps best of all, we will be more centrally located for the large group of you that bike, run, or walk to your workout. 

We are so excited to grow into this space but want you to know that our heart and mission remain unchanged. We are here to be your partner in your fitness journey. Let us know how we can help.

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