Workout Tracking and Sugar WOD

November 28, 2017
Workout Tracking and Sugar WOD


November 28, 2017


We are super excited to announce that we have a new workout tracking option for you to help you get the most out of your workouts. We will continue to use Zen Planner to manage accounts and sign up for classes, but workout tracking moved to Sugar WOD. Why? 

  • Sugar WOD gives you easy access to previous workout results. When a benchmark workout comes up, it will automatically remind you of your previous scores and modifications. No more searching back through old records or lost benchmarks.
  • Sugar WOD keeps your 1 rep, 3 rep, and 5 rep maxes at your finger tips for all the major lifts. And not just for pure lifting sets, it will pull your deadlift weight from yesterday's WOD so that the next time deadlifts come up, you know exactly what you have done previously.
  • Sugar WOD gives us a social platform to give each other a virtual high five (fist bump in Sugar WOD lingo) when we hit PRs, crush a workout, or just want to encourage each other. I don't do Facebook but I'm totally hooked on Sugar WOD. 

"But Coach, why should we even bother tracking our workouts? We are just doing this to get fitter and aren't really interested in competing with anyone."

You are selling yourself and your progress in the gym short if you don’t track your progress. Without writing down your workout times and weights, max reps, and skills developed you have no way to gauge your improvement or identify weaknesses and accomplishments. Most importantly, you are not holding yourself accountable for your performance. If you keep finding yourself at a loss for the weight you should have on your bar or the most you've ever back squatted, workout tracking will accelerate your progress in the gym. You will have far fewer workouts where you miss the intent of the workout by going too light or too heavy. It allows you to take ownership of your progress.

The data can also be used as a pick me up.  Maybe you have a bad workout and leave the gym feeling disappointed.  A quick look at your log and you see that in the grand scheme it was just one bad day, you PR’ed your CF Total the week before, and three days before you did a benchmark workout 28 seconds faster than three months ago.  Without that information your imagination can run wild with negative thoughts about your training and it can derail you. Stay on track and positive by logging your workouts!

So how do you track your workouts?  Just find the system that’s right for you – we have paper log books for those of you that just prefer paper and pen. They work great and will certainly do the trick. Starting this week though, you will find your coaches and fellow athletes on Sugar WOD. You can download it from the App store and join CrossFit Catacombs as your gym. From there, it is pretty straightforward. Your coaches will be happy to help you with it and there is no cost to you. It doesn’t matter how you decide to track your workout as long as you have a method to do so.

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