Power Hour is Back

October 4, 2017
Power Hour is Back



October 4, 2017


Hey Guys--

Have you been missing the dedicated lifting sessions that were once a staple of Monday evenings? Are you looking for a way to incorporate more pure strength work into your workout regimen? Well, good news. Taylor and Jacob are resurrecting Power Hour with a restructured lifting program. This is not just a hang out session where weights are occasionally lifted. This is a complete program with progressions, percentages, and coaching that will significantly improve your lifts and your competence under load.

Why should I care about lifting heavy weights? Let me count the reasons.

  1. Improve bone and joint health. As we age, we lose bone density and range of motion in our joints. Weight lifting and resistance training have been proven to slow or even reverse loss of bone density. Even though it may seem contrary, strength training has been proven to decrease pain and increase function for those with both osteoarthritis and inflammatory types of arthritis. You can read more on this here.
  2. Improve insulin sensitivity.  This should be on everyone's radar as decreased insulin sensitivity is bad news for a whole host of health issues. If weight loss is a goal, improving insulin sensitivity will accelerate this process by helping you shift your metabolism toward fat burning rather than fat storage. 
  3. Improve mental state and function. Like all exercise, the evidence is overwhelmingly in favor or weightlifting's ability to improve cognitive function, mood, and memory. And who couldn't use a little of that?
  4. Live longer and better. That's right, strength is inversely related to mortality. Lack of strength lands folks in nursing homes and leaves them without the reserves to recover from illness or injury.
  5. Improve technique and reduce injury risk. If you consider weightlifting a weakness, here is your chance to make it a strength. Spend some quality time with focused coaching and you will have more confidence and perform better in workouts. 

Ready to sign up? Okay, here are the details of the program. Questions should be directed to Taylor or Jacob. 

Power Hour Dates and Times: 12 Week Cycle beginning Monday, October 16th. Sessions will be Monday and Wednesday at 5 PM. Athletes are encouraged to commit to the cycle and attend all sessions (or as many session as possible), but punch cards and drop-ins are available. For athletes that commit to the cycle but are unable to attend certain workouts, the missed workouts will be available from the coaches for completion during Open Gym time. Accommodations will be made around holidays.

Cost: Single Session--$10, 10-Session Punch Card--$80, Entire Cycle--$150. Sign up here.

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