Catacombs Endurance Team Registration

April 26, 2016
Catacombs Endurance Team Registration


April 26, 2016

The Catacombs Endurance Team is all work and no play...said no one ever.
The Catacombs Endurance Team is all work and no play...said no one ever.

If you have spent much time at Catacombs or talking to one of the coaches, one of the first things you will hear us say is that we are an endurance focused gym. Our athletes like to get outside and play...running, biking, hiking, climbing. We use CrossFit to be better at the things we love to do outside. Yes, we lift heavy and yes, we program the fast burners; but it is all designed with the goal in mind of making you better outside of the gym rather than just achieving a 500-pound deadlift.

Last year, we launched the Catacombs Endurance Team geared toward getting athletes ready for the Durango Double. Not only did several athletes complete their first half marathons, we had athletes in the Top 10 and launched several athletes to their first Ultras. Combining thoughtfully planned CrossFit with track and interval workouts is a powerful and proven combination. Add in the community factor that keeps you showing up even when you don't want to and top tier coaches, and you have a phenomenal training program.

This year's Catacombs Endurance Team will be even better. We have added a Sunday group run to get some of those longer runs in as a team. Once again, we have the accomplished Brett Sublett of the Durango Running Company and the Fort Lewis College cross-country team designing the training plan and heading up the running component of the training. But this program is more than just running. It combines the high intensity functional fitness of CrossFit to make you a stronger, more well-rounded and more durable athlete. We can tell you the stories of many runners that improved their running capacity and race results by running less and incorporating more CrossFit into their training. The Catacombs Coaching Staff will run the CrossFit component. 

Dates: June 6th through August 25th in preparation for the Thirsty Thirteen on August 27th. A subset of the team will also be training for the Imogene Pass Run on September 10th.

Meeting Days:     Tuesday Night--Track Workout at Fort Lewis College

Wednesday Night--Group Trail Run (Various Locations)

Thursday Noon or 6PM--CrossFit Endurance at Catacombs

Sunday--Group Long Run (Various Locations)

Cost: $205 ($175 for Catacombs Members with early registration)

You do not need to be able to make all training sessions to participate and all levels are welcome. We are willing to scale and modify this program for everyone from first timers to those looking to place in the Top 5. You must be committed to working hard and supporting your teammates. This program will be challenging for all, but we will be alongside you from Day 1 to Race Day. Program cost includes a customized training plan, access to coaches, discounted race entry and a long sleeve tech running shirt. Due to our commitment to providing individualized coaching, we are limiting the program to 24 athletes. Catacombs athletes get a discount and head start on registering before we open it up to the Durango Running Club and the Thirsty Thirteen newsletter on May 6th. 

Register for the Catacombs Endurance Team here.

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