Miss Manners--Manners 101

February 12, 2016
Miss Manners--Manners 101



February 12, 2016

Workout of the Day--February 12, 2016

AMRAP 14 Minutes
With a partner alternate exercises:
9 Wall ball (20/14)
9 Toes to Bar
Max ground to overhead (95/65)
9 Team burpees at the end of each round

Miss Manners--Manners 101

We've had a lot of new athletes join our ranks in the past few months. Most of you know the general etiquette of our gym, but occasionally there are questions or issues that come up. We've engaged Miss Manners to remind us of some of the more advanced concepts. This will be an ongoing series as we could never cover it all in one post. Feel free to add your own suggestions to comments.

1.) Sign up for class. We limit our class sizes to 10 people for a reason. It allows us to provide the individualized, world-class coaching that is our standard. There is capacity on every day at every class time with a little prior planning. We want you to be able to come to the classes that work best with your schedule, but we insist on keeping everyone safe and providing solid coaching to every athlete in every class. We will be adding two 9:30 AM classes per week in the very near future to help ease the pressure at the 8:30 time.

2.) If you sign up, show up. You've made the commitment, now follow through. Extenuating circumstances happen, but sleeping through your alarm or deciding to go to happy hour instead are not extenuating circumstances. It might mean that someone who wanted to workout did not get the chance.

3.) Arrive on time. We start on time and brief the workout in the first 5 minutes of class. If you miss that, it detracts from class while we catch you up. Respect your fellow athletes. Yes, sometimes things happen and your admission to class late can be secured with a few burpees. Just don't be the habitual late arriver. 

4.) Clean up after yourself. All equipment gets wiped down with a gym wipe after every workout. No one wants your sweaty cooties. Likewise, put it all back where you found it and take any used tissues, water bottles, and band aids with you. The same applies to bathrooms and showers. Leave it cleaner than you found it.  

5.) Respect our workout environment by not bringing junk food and sugary drinks to Catacombs. Under no circumstances are sodas, gatorades, etc, allowed on the workout floor. 

Hopefully this was all review. Any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Thanks for being generally considerate, thoughtful humans and having a sense of humor as I remind you of what you already know. You guys are the best!

Stay tuned for Manners 102 coming next week.

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