It Comes with the Territory

January 21, 2017
It Comes with the Territory


January 21, 2017

Sometimes we believe that if we show up every day, if we eat right, train right and rest right, we believe everyday will be a good day.

We trick ourselves into thinking we will constantly be improving, that our times will always be better than last time, that our lifts will always be heavier, that our progress curve will be smooth and predictable.

We believe that everyday is PR day.

And then we get sucker punched in the stomach.

We have a bad day.

We have a day where the wallballs feel like throwing atlas stones, a day where the bumper plates seem to be filled with lead, or a day where our legs just can’t seem to run.

Maybe we even have a bad week, or a bad month.

How you treat those bad days determines how great your comeback will be.

Will you quit?

Will you lose your mental game?

Will you stop showing up or give a little less to your workouts?

Or will you push through, keep your chin up and take it with grace?

The bad days will end. And when they do, the PRs will return along with the results you have been working so hard for.

But only if you stick with it. Take care of business in the areas where you have control and have patience with the rest. 

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