What is Your Motivation and DAY 3

January 4, 2016
What is Your Motivation and DAY 3



January 4, 2016

Workout of the Day-- January 4, 2016

Power Clean (115/85)
Toes to Bar
Push Jerk (115/85)
Box Jump (24″/20″)

What is Your Motivation and DAY 3

We know what you’re thinking; Aren’t all burpees mindless?  Not at all.  For Day 3 of the 12 Day Reboot we are throwing out a challenge to keep your mind focused and keep you mindful throughout the day.  What does that mean for you?

Day 3

Every time you mindlessly check your email, texts, Facebook, Instagram, or find yourself scrolling through your phone for no purpose (avoiding boredom is not a purpose) – do 10 burpees. Notify your household that you’re doing this and allow them the ability to call you out if they catch you.

What is Your Motivation?

With the new year there often comes talk of goals for the upcoming year.  Goals give you direction but there is a more foundational layer for your actions from day to day, and surprisingly we rarely, if ever, contemplate it.  It’s called motivation and it’s the driving force behind every action we perform in life.  Who we are constantly choosing to be, the job that we’re working, the person we’re in love with, what we ate for breakfast.  Every decision we make throughout the day is driven by some motivation that is within us.  Few stop to ask themselves what that motivation is or where it comes from.  Now, I’m not asking you to contemplate your motivation for the life you live, that’s some really deep material for a Monday (but you might consider it at some point :)), but I am asking you, what is your motivation for continuing to come in and do CrossFit? When you first started you had some idea of why you should start doing CrossFit.  To lose weight, to get in shape, because friends were doing it, whatever the reason, it worked.  Have you considered what that motivation is today?  Is it the same?  Has it changed?  Is it realistic?  Is it being satisfied?

Understanding our motivation for doing something that has become part of our daily routine allows us to make better decisions about the actions we take.  For example:

  • Should I go Rx or not?  Or how heavy should I go today?
  • Should I stick around after and do GHD work or mobility?  
  • Should I come 5 days straight?  
  • Should I go for it, should I hold back, should I go faster, or should I just sit in and finish?

What is your motivation?  Do your daily decisions reflect this?

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