Thursday Inspiration--Be More Human

January 28, 2016
Thursday Inspiration--Be More Human


January 28, 2016

Workout of the Day--January 28th, 2016

20 Min AMRAP
Partner 1 Runs 400M/Rows 400M
Partner 2 completes 5 Power clean and Jerks (Unbroken)

Score is total weight successfully lifted. Only unbroken sets of five count toward total. Grab a marker and a scrap of the whiteboard to keep your tally.

Thanks to Coach Dustin for the inspirational video today.

Thursday Inspriation--Be More Human

We learn more from our daily dose of CrossFit than barbell math or how to execute a perfect snatch. We are working on bigger goals than a 1 rep max deadlift or a magical number of unbroken pull ups. For some, CrossFit may just be a fitness and exercise regimen. But that isn't what I see when I look out across the gym floor during a workout. I see business people and students finding a healthy outlet for the stress they manage. I see parents and caregivers put aside the load that they carry everyday...just for one hour... to make themselves better parents and caregivers. Sometimes I even see the glisten of a tear replaced with the steel gaze of determination mid-workout and it is clear that there is much more happening than just a workout. I see camaraderie and friendship where once their was intimidation and fear. I have no doubt that the work that is happening within the walls of Catacombs is so much bigger than strength sets or metcons.

One of the best parts of our jobs as coaches is seeing new members take the first few tentative steps toward fitness. Just walking through the door can be too much for some at the beginning. Then, as they start to build confidence and feel the power of positive momentum, lives begin to change in ways that may seem unrelated, but have everything to do with the transformation happening in the gym. We don't always talk about that side of CrossFit or Catacombs, and I don't know that we have to. I'm pretty sure most of you have felt it too. 

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