Better is Better

August 10, 2015
Better is Better


August 10, 2015

Workout of the Day--August 10, 2015

AMRAP 15 minutes:
5 Thrusters (115/75)
10 C2B pullups
15 Box jumps (24/20)

Strength: 8 min EMOM
5 Front squats @50% of 1RM back squat

Better is Better

You may have noticed the quote on the board last week. I'm not at the gym right now so I can't exactly remember it but it is something along the lines of:

 More is not better. Faster is not better. Better is better. 

What does that mean exactly? With all the emphasis on recording scores and tracking progress, I don't want us to lose sight of the most important piece. There are a lot of places where how much you can lift or how fast you can complete a workout determine your stature in the workout community. This is not one of those places. Our philosophy is that moving well and performing quality reps trump speed and load every single time. Yes, there are days when we want you to move faster and there are days when we want you to go heavier than you would like. Still, we are all in this to be better at the things we love...not to have the fastest Fran time in the gym or the biggest 1-rep max deadlift. The quality and integrity of movement matter.

Intensity is a key component in why CrossFit works. Without it, fitness comes at a much slower clip, if at all. As coaches, our goal is to help you scale workouts so that everyone can maintain similar levels of intensity. That means that even though you CAN do 20 pull-ups without a band, we may encourage you to use a band to maintain the desired level of intensity. The same holds true with choosing loads for barbell movements. Feel free to question your coach as to why we are suggesting certain modifications for a given workout. Often we have agreed as a coaching staff that we are targeting a certain time domain or a number of unbroken reps. We are always happy to explain our thought process. Just know that the answer will probably sound something like: "More is not necessarily better."

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