Meet Roger

August 14, 2015
Meet Roger


August 14, 2015

Workout of Day--August 14, 2015

13 min AMRAP
13 Jumping Pull ups
13 Squat cleans (75/55)

Strength: Rack Jerk 1-1-1-1-1

Roger always has a smile and can usually get you to have one too.
Roger always has a smile and can usually get you to have one too.

Meet Roger

Roger prides himself on being one of the oldest members of the gym. He has some mobility issues from injuries and surgeries over the years but he never uses them as excuses. Instead, he motivates himself to push the limits of his mobility in order to maintain a highly active lifestyle. You can find him at Catacombs with the 6:30 AM crew a few times a long as he doesn't have a golf tournament coming up. 

When did you start at Catacombs and why?

Winter 2015, encouraged by my business partner and wanted to try something different for my workouts.

What do you do to pay the bills?

Financial Advisor

How do you like to spend your time when not at work or the gym? 

Golf, fishing (saltwater & freshwater fly fishing), skiing, ATVing or anything outdoors.

What do you want to see on the whiteboard when you walk in for a workout (favorite movements, time domains, workout style, etc.)?

Shorter Intense AMRAPS with barbells - like it best when it's over !!!

What gives you a sense of dread when you see it on the whiteboard?

Burpees, inverted push-ups or skipping rope.

How do you use your fitness outside of the gym or why do you care about being fit?

Function way better in all respects, whether sports fitness/endurance, functionality or just staying healthy.

What's your favorite motivational quote, song, or ritual?

Age is a state of mind.

Name one thing you want to achieve in the gym in 2015.

Get a little better every day.

What else do you have to say for yourself?

Want to learn or achieve something new everyday.

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