Meet Laura

August 21, 2015
Meet Laura


August 21, 2015

Workout of the Day--August 21, 2015

OH Squats (95/65)
Pull Ups
Rest 2 mins
Wall Balls (201/14)
Hollow Rocks

Laura rides the Courage classic every year to raise money and help local families defray the costs of treatment for their sick kiddos.
Laura rides the Courage classic every year to raise money and help local families defray the costs of treatment for their sick kiddos.

Meet Laura

Laura is an inspiring and impressive athlete. She fearlessly attacks every workout and is a master at finding ways to get to the gym in spite of an incredibly crowded daily life. It has been awesome to watch her transformation over her time at Catacombs and we feel privileged to be along for the ride. She embodies the Catacombs community and always has a word of encouragement for any struggling soul.

When did you start at Catacombs and why? 

I started in October 2014 because I was looking for a lifestyle of fitness.  I needed a community that would hold me accountable and cheer me on.  I delivered a premature baby 5 years ago and the stress alone was taking its toll on my weight and my health.  The only way I could be a better mother, wife and friend was to start investing in myself.  I remember how terrified I was to go to my first class.  I had never participated in a crossfit class.  It just so happened it was also a very bad day for me personally and I had considered not showing up.  At the workout that day, everyone was one round ahead of me for the WOD.  When I went out to run to complete my last round I realized that the entire class was with me and cheering me on to help me through that last round.  These were people I had just met, but they had a genuine interest in making sure I made it to the finish.  That was when I knew I was in the right place!

What do you do to pay the bills? 

I am a Vice President with Alpine Bank and my husband and I together own S&S Lock Service.

How do you like to spend your time when not at work or the gym? 

I love to be with my family out on the boat, jeeping, hiking, camping and I really love to road bike.  Any time outdoors and with the ones I love is what brings me joy. 

What do you want to see on the whiteboard when you walk in for a workout (favorite movements, time domains, workout style, etc.)? 

I try not to pay any attention to the whiteboard.  I tend to get in my own head too much and thank goodness all of the coaches know this about me so they keep me focused.  If I had to choose a favorite it would be anything that combines some good rowing and lifting.

What gives you a sense of dread when you see it on the whiteboard? 

Burpees and Wall Balls!!  Even more so than running.  The beauty of it is though I always make it through and I am so proud of myself when I do it.  Always dread it, never regret it!! 

How do you use your fitness outside of the gym or why do you care about being fit? 

I use my fitness to help me be a stronger rider and to have the ability to be active with my family.  I now have a very active 5 year old and it makes me feel good that I can be active and strong with him.  I care about being fit because it makes me feel good and gives me greater confidence in myself.

What's your favorite motivational quote, song, or ritual? 

“You are stronger than you think.” It was on my son’s incubator the 12 weeks he was in the hospital.  When I get in those dark places with a workout or in believing in myself, I think of him, the way he fought for his life and that quote.  He has taught me how to fight through the tough stuff.

Name one thing you want to achieve in the gym in 2015. 

I would love to hit my goal weight and see a bunch of RX’s.  I am stronger than I have ever been and it feels good knowing that there is still so much more to be gained from Catacombs.  Since joining in October of 2014 I have enjoyed many things in never thought possible like wake boarding, 140 mile road bike rides with 8,500 feet of elevation gain and completing my first full Murph!

What else do you have to say for yourself? 

Thank you to the coaches and all of the community of Catacombs.  You all may not ever know the impact you have had on my life and the gains I have made since joining.  You all rock!

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