The CrossFit Open at Catacombs

February 22, 2015
The CrossFit Open at Catacombs


February 22, 2015

Before you decide if you are participating in the CrossFit Open, watch the video below. There are thousands of reasons not to participate, but 99.99% of them come down to fear. As always, we want you to LET GO OF YOUR FEAR and be a part of this annual rite of passage.

The CrossFIt Open starts THIS WEEK! It is an exciting time in the CrossFit world and we are excited to be a part of it. The Open is a 5-week long competition that CrossFitters world-wide participate in. For the elite athletes that treat CrossFit as their sport (and profession) the Open is a qualifying round for Regionals and ultimately the CrossFit Games. For the vast majority of us, it is an opportunity to put our fitness to the the test and see where we stack up against tens of thousands of other CrossFitters of all ages and abilities. More importantly, it is an opportunity to come together as a community and support one another as we push the limits of what we believe we are capable of. 

Catacombs will be participating in the Open and we encourage all of our athletes (yes, even you new folks) to participate. How you participate is up to you! Some of you will want to register on the CrossFit Open website (click here to register). Upon completion of the workout each week, you will enter your score and we will validate it. This will allow you to compete and compare scores with your friends within Catacombs as well as CrossFitters worldwide. Brackets are broken out by region, age group, and gender and it is fun to see where your scores fall among the masses.  While we encourage you to register on the CrossFit Open site, it is NOT REQUIRED to participate in the Friday Night Lights Events. 

For the next 5 weeks, we will be hosting our typical Friday Night Lights workouts and Happy Hour. The events will kick off at 5 PM and we will run heats of the workout until everyone wishing to compete has had the opportunity to perform the workout. As always, your coaches will help you scale the workouts appropriately. If you have never been to one of our FNL events, you are in for an awesome surprise. The environment is over the top supportive and the energy in the gym pushes you to accomplish more than you ever thought possible. It is a fantastic way to make the next breakthrough and connect with members of the Catacombs community that you don't often see at your usual workout time. And there is always the lure of a cold beverage at the end of workout. We will also be utilizing a partner system so you will have another athlete (or coach) there to count your reps, encourage you, and help you stay on task during your heat. Don't be intimidated by this...

I'm sure many of you have questions about how this works. Please post to comments as someone else probably has the same question and we will answer for everyone. Here are a few answers before you even ask:

Do I have to sign up for a class for FNL? Yes, please. It would greatly help us in anticipating how to set up the heats and event.

Should I bring something for Happy Hour? Yes, please. We'd rather focus on making this a great experience than buying HH supplies.

Can I participate if I'm not a member at Catacombs? Yes. Please shoot me an email at so I know you are coming.

Can I do the workout at other times of the day? Yes, but it will be way more fun at FNL.  

Can you tell us what the workout is a head of time? Shame on you for asking. You all know how I feel about the idea of choosing whether or not to work out based on what the workout is. But no, there are a few select people in the CrossFit world that know what these workouts are ahead of time and I am not one of them. Workouts will be announced on Thursday night, but don't bother looking. We will tell you all you need to know when you get to the gym.

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