Looking Forward

December 31, 2015
Looking Forward



December 31, 2015

Workout of the Day--December 31, 2015

2016 New Year's Partner Workout:
Work with a partner to complete the following:
1400m Row
60 Double Unders
50 Pull Ups
50 Burpees
50 Kb Swings (53/35)
50 Sit Ups
50 Wall Balls
50 Front Squats (75/55)
50 Hang Clean and Jerk (75/55)
50 Hang Snatch (75/55)
50 Thrusters (75/55)
50 Deadlifts (75/55)
50 Front Rack Lunge (75/55)
6 Rope Climbs

A little post-workout quad smashing.
A little post-workout quad smashing.

Looking Forward

Well, we made it to the end of 2015. Many of you are wrapping up a year full of accomplishment and have tons of positive momentum in the bank heading into 2016. We have tremendous gratitude for the people and joy that Catacombs has brought to our lives in 2015. Others of you struggled with burdens beyond what you thought you could bear. You are stumbling to the finish line of this year and counting on 2016 to be a better year--full of hope, peace, health, and happiness. We've been in those shoes too and we hope we can be a part of helping bring those aspirations to fruition.

If you did your homework from earlier in the week, you took some time to reflect on your accomplishments in the past year and the people and events that impacted who you are. As we look forward, now is the time to identify the things that we hope to accomplish in 2016. I'm not talking about losing 10 pounds or a new back squat PR or a faster Murph time. Those are all great things and we are ready to help you accomplish them. But I'm thinking bigger.

  • Where do we want to make an impact in our world and what is the impact that we want to make?
  • Who are the people that need us to come along side them and help them on their way?
  • What are the unique skills or qualities that we have to offer and how can we use those to help others in the coming year?

Some accomplishments happen by accident or dumb luck, but most do not. They come from examining our values, setting goals that align with those values, putting a thoughtful plan in place, and identifying some milestones to keep us motivated. Throw in a dose of accountability to keep us on track (it is what we do for each other after all), and we have a map to achieving what we've decided is worthy of our time and energy investment. 

If improved health and fitness are on your radar for 2016, we would be honored to be your partner in setting appropriate goals, helping to put a thoughtful plan in place, providing the accountability that is key to success, and celebrating milestones with you. You will not find a more supportive community or dedicated coaching staff anywhere. Just let us know how we can help.

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