Fight the Holiday Slump Wrap Up

December 30, 2015
Fight the Holiday Slump Wrap Up


December 30, 2015

Workout of the Day--December 30, 2015

10 Burpees
20 Ring rows
30 Push press (45/35)
40 Air squats
50 Sit ups
100 Double unders
Then back down (50 to 10)
EMOM 3 box jumps

Fight the Holiday Slump Wrap Up

From November 27th:

"The Fight the Holiday Slump challenge is as simple as committing to getting to the gym for 12 workouts between November 30 and December 31st. Yes, there will be prizes, but the biggest victories will be won in getting you to the New Year feeling strong and healthy. Not only will you get 12 workouts in, but you will also get 12 opportunities to check in with your community of support, and 12 chances to deal with stress in healthy way instead of with food or alcohol. All that is required is that you show up, workout, and make sure that you are checked in to the class. We will take care of the rest!"

Well the day of reckoning has arrived. Many of you have been diligent about getting your workouts in between Thanksgiving and the end of the year. You have made gains in fitness rather than just staving off the losses. Our hats are off to you and congratulations on kicking off the New Year with some positive momentum working for you. I'll comb through ZP this weekend and come up with the list of folks that have made it 12 or more times during the month of December. From that list, two lucky winners will be chosen for some free Catacombs gear.

For the rest of you, now is the time to start letting the momentum build for a strong start to 2016. Let go of the guilt and regret of not having done more and start channeling that toward some goals for January.

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