Fitness is the Fountain of Youth

November 4, 2015
Fitness is the Fountain of Youth


November 4, 2015

Workout of the Day--November 4, 2015

In 3 Minutes:
400 M Run then max handstand pushups
In 4 Minutes:
500 M Row then max KB swings (53/26)
In 5 Minutes:
30 Burpees then max box jumps (24/20)
Score is Max Reps
ex. (20/70/30)

Fitness is the Fountain of Youth

The CrossFit Journal had a really interesting article last week entitled "Aging, Performance, and Health". I talk to a lot of people of all ages about CrossFit. Many times, I get push back from middle age or older adults that feel they are "too old for CrossFit". I certainly understand the intimidation factor and the reluctance to try something completely foreign to them. Still, fitness can be improved at any age and CrossFit is often better than starting in a traditional gym due to the coaching and scaling options. Working one on one with a coach that can take into account previous injury history, current health conditions, and fitness goals is key to avoiding injury and progressing toward your goal of improved health and fitness. 

Longevity in years without functional fitness is not the recipe that I'm planning to follow. The study that I mentioned above highlights athletes in their 80s that are continuing to make performance gains. It also points out that the longer you wait to start training, the less likely it is you will reach your genetic potential or achieve "elite athlete" status. However, fitness can be improved at any age. In fact, older athletes jumping in after a period of being sedentary most often make the biggest gains. All it takes is a commitment to getting off the couch and to the gym—frequently and regularly.

“While inevitable performance declines with age might seem somewhat depressing at first glance they needn’t be. Our perspective shifts to maintaining health and quality of life, to include pain-free activity, vitality and preserved functionality. Higher levels of fitness provide a buffer from decrepitude, and older trainees, regardless of goal, will be rewarded with a higher quality of life.”

— CrossFit Journal

I love working with senior athletes in the gym. The improvements they make are tangible and transfer to real life. It is never too late to begin the CrossFit journey. In fact, it just might be the key to unlocking improved health and performance at the "game of life". 

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