Brawn and Brains

December 9, 2015
Brawn and Brains


December 9, 2015

Workout of the Day--December 9, 2015

Partner Workout
Alternate with a Partner to complete the following:
100 Pull ups
200 Push ups
300 Sit ups
400 Air Squats

Brawn and Brains

Thanks to Cecile for forwarding this article to me from the New York Times. The focus is on the results of a study recently released that links cognitive function in aging adults with their fitness ten years prior. There have been plenty of studies showing how exercise can slow cognitive declines as we age, but this one takes it a step further by using a study of twins, thus controlling for genetic and early childhood predispositions. What they found was that those who were stronger a decade ago showed the least fall-off in thinking skills, even when the scientists controlled for such factors as fatty diets, high blood pressure and shaky blood-sugar control. The differences in thinking skills were particularly striking within twin pairs. If one twin had been more powerful than the other 10 years before, she tended to be a much better thinker now.

“Over all, among both the identical and fraternal twins, fitter legs were strongly linked, 10 years later, to fitter brains.”

Yet another reason to get to the gym for squats today.

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