Friday Night Lights

October 28, 2015
Friday Night Lights


October 28, 2015

Workout of the Day--October 28, 2015

4 Rounds:
20 Wall balls (20/14)
10 Kb Squat Snatch (20kg/12kg)

Perform 30 burpees at the beginning and end of the workout.

Friday Night Lights

You ask, what is this Friday Night Lights? Obviously, you are not Texan. But we ain't in Texas and we're not talking about High School Football. Yet, in honor of bringing the whole community together, having fun, cheering on our friends, and, yes, getting exercise, Friday Night Lights is the not-to-miss opportunity to have a mini-party tossed in with an epic workout. More people equals more fun and everyone likes to have more fun, right?! Since it is Halloween and dressing up makes everything better, bring it up a notch and wear a costume; there will be some swag for those who represent. (Admission - I personally am not a fan of wearing costumes and find Halloween incredibly stressful.) So costumed of not, working out or not, just come and join the community for some fun!

What is the workout? You guys know that I don't often disclose workouts ahead of time. This is going to be epic and something many of you have waited for so I'm making an exception. Friday's workout will be the classic CrossFit workout "Fight Gone Bad". It is easily scalable for everyone so no excuses. We will run as many heats as we need to get everyone through. The workout is 17 minutes long so we will run heats every half hour with 10 people per heat. We will have heat sheets on the counter so please sign up for a heat upon arrival. If you have not done Fight Gone Bad, its a special WOD and worth changing all your Halloween Friday plans to participate. Trust me on this one.

What else is going on? We will have preorder sheets for hoodies if yours is getting tired like mine, if you haven't yet had the pleasure of owning a Catacombs hoodie, or if you need the best Christmas gift ever. Two of our own peeps will also have tables set up with stuff to check out: Kani will have a table with LuLaRoe and Diane will have handmade jewelry from DKTDesigns for you to check out. Tomorrow's blog post will feature more info about them and their goods and we will have more info on the hoodie order too in another post before Friday.

What should you bring? Please bring food and drinks to share. We will have some drinks, but help us out by bringing appetizers or snacks to help pull this off. 

Still have questions? Ask in class or email Tracie. We will run regular classes on Friday morning as well, but it will be a whole lot more fun under the lights! Please come join the festivities even if you choose to workout earlier in the day. 

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