Free Intro Session on Tuesday!

October 25, 2015
Free Intro Session on Tuesday!


October 25, 2015

Workout of the Day--October 26, 2015

Deck of Cards
With a partner, get through whole deck of
cards alternating draws.

Reps= face value
(J-11, Q-12, K-13, A-21)
Jokers: 50 Partner Burpees
Hearts: Wall Balls (20/14)
Clubs: Hollow Rocks
Spades: Cal row
Diamonds: Goblet squats (24/16)

Free Intro Session on Tuesday!

If you have ever wanted to try CrossFit but were always just a little too intimidated to walk through the front doors, this session is for you. Many of you have just finished up your mountain biking or running season and are committed to doing something this off-season to be better, stronger, and more durable when spring training comes around. Maybe you've heard your friends talking about Catacombs and how we do things a little bit differently. Or maybe you just know that it is time for you to make a change. Here is your opportunity to see just what's going on in here and our opportunity to talk with you about how we can help.

Come learn what CrossFit is all about in a friendly, no obligation atmosphere. Test drive a CrossFit workout and learn how we scale and modify even the most intimidating workouts for anyone.  Learn how cross-training can help you in your sport and make you more resistant to injury. We will give you the lowdown on how things work at Catacombs and why we do things a little differently. Bring your questions, some water, and come prepared for a workout. No previous CrossFit experience required. 

Free intro class goes down Tuesday at 6 PM. If you are at a crossroads with your health and fitness, come talk to us about how we can help. 

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