Meet Kris!

January 19, 2015
Meet Kris!


January 19, 2015

Happy Monday Team--

Community is a pretty big deal at Catacombs. We pride ourselves on being friendly, welcoming, and supportive to anyone that walks through our doors. CrossFit can be intimidating, and many have had bad experiences with exercise, the gym culture or even CrossFit. From the start, we have made it a priority to know every athlete's story and encourage each of you to reach out to the new faces in your workouts. In an effort to maintain the sense of intimacy that is pervasive in our community, we want to use our blog to let you get to know some of our athletes a little better. We will start with Kris...

When did you start Catacombs and why? Kicking and screaming at the very beginning. I was sure I wasn’t going to like it, but I designed the brand for Tracie and Tom and they really wanted me to try it. Now I’m hooked even though I still whine.

What do you do to pay the bills? I own Pool Creative, a graphic design, branding and marketing firm and recently launched a small jewelry business called Serpentine.

How do you like to spend your time when not at work or the gym? Trail running, mountain biking, designing and crafting jewelry, sneaking dark chocolate almonds.

What do you want to see on the whiteboard when you walk in for a workout? Actually I try really hard not to pay attention to it too much- let go of your fear. I trust that Tracie will have something appropriately special in store and it will balance out what came the day before.

What gives you a sense of dread when you see it on the whiteboard? Large numbers!! 100 of anything makes me a little sick to my stomach.

How do you use your fitness outside of the gym or why do you care about being fit? I love being on the trails- it’s my zoning thinking time and being strong enough to go out frequently, run better and harder is just more fun. I would say CrossFIt isn’t what I define my fitness by, but it has absolutely helped me reach the level I’m at. I think it comes down to having someone who is strong and fit push you just a little harder, besides her just being an awesome person.

What's your favorite motivational quote, song, or ritual? Hahaha how shallow can I be? Um “smaller jean size” ? Seriously as long as the music is upbeat, people are supporting each other and G-Luv is dancing or Andy is cracking jokes, I’m good. It’s a cool environment to be a part of, you don’t need anything else.

Name one thing you want to achieve in the gym in 2015. Keep on keeping. It seems injury is what stops the flow, so I want to stay strong, maintain my fitness level, push myself a bit and keep it going.

What else do you have to say for yourself? If I could get myself in there, anybody can. "Let of your fear" nails it. Thanks Tracie!

You can find Kris most often at the 6:30 AM workout. She's all whine until "3-2-1 Go", then look out. She's all hustle and a great example of what consistency will do for your fitness. We are so glad to have you as part of our community, Kris!

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