December 6, 2014


December 6, 2014

Many of you have noticed the shiny new fridge in the front room with FitAid. Soon, we will also be carrying Stronger, Faster, Healthier protein and recovery powders and fish oil. You all know my stance on eating real food and not drinking your calories. My position on that has not changed, but I believe these products to be quality additions to your workout and nutrition regime when used appropriately. I'll do a separate post on the SFH products soon, but here's the scoop with FitAid.

FitAid is a supplement drink that is designed to aid performance and recovery. It is not an energy drink or some organic version of Powerade. Rather, it is loaded with supplements that will improve your recovery and performance:

  • Omega 3 EFAs, and CoQ-10 for cardiovascular support
  • Glutamine and BCAAs for muscle recovery
  • Glucosamine for joint health
  • Anitioxidants including Vitamins C and E  and anti-inflammatory turmeric
  • Vitamin D to boost immune response
  • Electrolytes and B complex vitamins to sustain muscle stamina

The best part? It is super clean: gluten free and no artificial anything. And, liquid supplements have much better absorption than pills particularly in the post workout window. The drawbacks? It is sweetened with raw organic blue agave. While I wish all this stuff tasted good without it, it just doesn't. The makers of FitAid have done their best to mitigate it by using a low glycemic index, natural sweetener. Don't kid yourself, it is still sugar, but many of us consume more than the 45 calories each can contains in your morning coffee.

Give one a try at the gym after your next workout. Cost is $3 per can. You can pay cash or buy a punch card with a credit card. Punch cards also allow you to buy 9 and get the 10th for free. Let me know what you think! 

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