Details and Sign Up for Alternative Horizons Murph

October 29, 2014
Details and Sign Up for Alternative Horizons Murph


October 29, 2014

Yesterday, we told you about Alternative Horizons; the outstanding community organization that we are partnering with for our Fall Fundraiser. Today, we drop the details on how the event is going down and how you sign up. We are still working hard on some of the details, but we want to make sure this gets on your calendar as you don't want to miss it. So let's break this down.

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It all goes down on Saturday November 15th. We will kick off at 3 PM with an athlete meeting and introductions. We are planning 3 heats of the workout Murph. (Details on the workout can be found here.) Your heat will be determined by which workout option you choose. Additional heats will be added as needed and times are subject to change as needed to facilitate a safe and fun event for all.

Heat 1:  Team Murph

This option if for those athletes that would like to complete this workout as a team. We recommend 2 person teams, but you can have up to four people on your team. All team members should register individually. The team workout is broken down as follows:

4 x 400M run: Team members alternate completing the 400M run course until they have finished 4 laps (totaling 1 mile)

Pull-ups, Pushups, Squats: Team members divide the 100 pull-ups, 200 pushups, and 300 squats however they want. Only one person can work at a time.

4 x 400M run: Repeat the mile run as described above.

Heat 2--Half Murph (or modified-Murph) 

This option is for athletes wanting to participate but preferring an abbreviated version of the workout.  Athletes will complete an 800M run, 50 pull-ups, 100 pushups, 150 squats, and a final 800M run. Pull-ups can be modified via bands or jumping pull-ups, pushups can also be modified. Athletes wishing to complete the full workout but requiring bands or modified pull ups will also participate in this heat.

Heat 3--Murph RX 

This is the "as prescribed" version of Murph. Athletes will be held to movement standards as described in the athlete briefing prior to the start. While we are always willing to modify any workout for any athlete, this heat is reserved for those athletes wanting to make this a more competitive event. There is a one hour cutoff for this heat.

Ready to sign up? Click on the appropriate heat above and it will take you to our registration platform. If you are not a Catacombs member, you will be asked to create an account as part of registration. No payment is required to register, but we are asking for a cash or check donation (suggested $25) at the door for Alternative Horizons. 

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