Tracie Holcomb

Tracie Holcomb

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Tracie did her first CrossFit workout in a friend’s sweltering garage in 2008. She was immediately hooked and never looked back. In her words: “I had just had my third daughter and was not feeling good about my fitness or how my body looked. A mother of three girls and working night shifts as a NICU nurse, I was severely sleep-deprived, time-constrained, and uncertain of my ability to do anything remotely athletic anymore. I needed a change but had no motivation to go to the gym or jump back into running and mountain biking. Over a few beers, I found myself agreeing to meet a friend of a friend the following day for a workout in her garage. It was hard and I was not good at it…but it was a start. The weeks and months and years that followed became building blocks for fitness, friendship, and a passion that ultimately led to the start of Catacombs Fitness.”

“I cut my CrossFit coaching teeth at CrossFit Roots in Boulder, CO, and knew immediately that this was what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Coaching allows me the opportunity to help people make real changes in their lives. I love watching athletes improve not just their fitness, but also their self-confidence and their outlook on life. They might have come in hoping to lose 15 pounds and look better, but they ended up getting a whole lot more than they bargained for. It is awesome to be a part of that.”

She has worked with championship-caliber athletes in many disciplines, athletes with special needs, and countless weekend warriors. Her philosophy of coaching emphasizes quality movement over intensity or heavy loads. Learning to push, pull, squat, and run with excellent technique lays a solid foundation on which to build and ultimately prevents injury. She is a Level 3 Certified CrossFit Trainer, a credential held only by the best of the best CrossFit Trainers. She has also completed the CrossFit Coaches Prep Course as well as specialty training in CrossFit Endurance from CFE founder Brian Mackenzie.

Tracie prides herself on knowing the ins and outs of each of her athletes: What motivates you? Where are your strengths and weaknesses? When is it time to increase loading or volume? Do you have past injuries or movement restrictions? What are your training goals? All of these are critical pieces of information that enable her to deliver personalized, professional coaching.

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