Suzanne Johnson

Suzanne Johnson



About Coach

Suz has been coaching CrossFit and private training since 2012 and has coached swimming for 20 years. She’s coached athletes from age 3 to age 85 and loves working with athletes who are intimidated by exercise or are new to working out. She greets everyone with a smile and is always ready with a joke to brighten the day.

Suz enjoys building relationships and getting to know people. She helps people get small wins that can be built upon over time and leveraged to facilitate real change in their lives. She is the master of accountability and consistent encouragement to keep her athletes making progress. Suz invests deeply with each of her athletes utilizing nutrition and mindset as important components of training.

Suz is a certified ASCA Level 3 swim coach. She also has her Level 2 CrossFit certificate and is certified in Weightlifting, Adaptive CrossFit, Scaling, and Mobility. She also holds a Level 1 certification from Precision Nutrition.

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