Linda Wilderman

Linda Wilderman



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Linda is a true Durango native, who surprisingly didn’t grow into adulthood hooked on the outdoor pursuits that attract many to this area (although she enjoys many of them now). In 2011 she was invited to try out a CrossFit class, and she obliged without any clue that the experience would drastically change the course of her life. Having had little experience with exercise, she feels as though she started her fitness journey from scratch.

Over the course of the years, pursuing fitness has become more than just a lifestyle, but also a part of who she is. She has used the CrossFit methodology through pregnancy, post-partum, injury, and rehabilitation. The physical transformations she has experienced are just a small chapter of the greater story. Soon after starting CrossFit, she achieved her Level 1 and has since earned her Level 2 certificate, and the very difficult CrossFit Level 3 Coach credential, among others.

Linda has a passion for coaching individuals who haven’t yet found a way to connect to their athleticism. Her mission in coaching is to help bridge the gap between limitations and full athletic expression. With that, she focuses on helping athletes build a strong foundation through corrective exercises, breath work, and mindset guidance.

Linda is a great person to have in your corner, whether it be for pelvic floor considerations, injury rehabilitation, or injury prevention. Her gentle nature and coach’s eye make her easy to connect with and trust.

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