About Coach

Stucka has enjoyed being an athlete their whole life. They started gymnastics and dance at a young age and were a competitive gymnast at an elite level. Stucka swam competitively through college at the D1 level at Washington State University.

Stucka received their CrossFit Level 1 in September of 2023 because they fell in love with CrossFit and the community at Catacombs. They look forward to obtaining their Level 2 and being mentored alongside the experienced coaches at Catacombs. As a member of Catacombs since 2019, Stucka experienced firsthand the positive impact of the Catacombs community. One of Stucka’s dreams has been to coach athletes and add joy to their lives through movement. As the newest member of the Catacombs team, Stucka looks forward to fostering a sense of belonging and accomplishment through coaching classes and personal training.

Stucka has always had a passion for helping people meet their potential and is dedicated to the well-being of all humans. Stucka is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and was in the field of social work and psychotherapy for 20 years before making the transition to coaching full-time. They take a person-first approach to exercise and believe that wellness is multi-dimensional.

In Stucka’s free time, they enjoy dancing, snowboarding, swimming, going on adventures, and spending time with their spouse and fur babies.

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